Mangoes Racing

  • Name: Mark Nenadic
  • Age: 52
  • Lives: Deenethorpe
  • Raced for: N/A

Team Info:

Mangoes racing is the Audi Quattro of Mark Nenadic' and the Seat Cup Racer of Darren Goes. The team consists of the following members:

Mark Nenadic' (Number 1 Driver)
Darren Goes (Number 2 Driver, Think Rosberg)
Steve Schweikhardt (Chief mechanic for Darren on loan from BMW)
Chris Seavers (Chief mechanic for Mark on loan from BMW)
Paul Nenadic (Pit lane coordinator, on Loan from Ferrari)
Gary Setterfield (Team nutritionist, trainer, therapist, tea boy, awning putter upper and Representative of the Ministry for Silly Walks)