HSR / Track Focus / Sandsfoot

  • Name: Tony Hobson
  • Age: 43
  • Lives: N/A
  • Raced for: N/A
  • Name: Jonny Sharp
  • Age: 41
  • Lives: Oxfordshire
  • Raced for: N/A

Team Info:

Our team is run by Headline Sport Racing, based in Reading.
Drivers Tony Hobson and Jonny Sharp are entering their 2nd season in the Trackday Championship (TDC). Following a successful debut season in their Clio 197 ‘C’ class car with 1 class win, 2 class second places and 3rd overall in the Championship, they have decided to up their game and enter an ‘A’ class car in 2017. The team are excited about 2017 and racing in their freshly prepared VW Racing Golf Cup car.

Info on our drivers: Tony has a history of Clio 182 series racing and Jonny is known for his modified cars and enthusiasm for track driving. The two teamed up to race together in TDC 2016.
Assisted by sponsors, trackfocusdirect.com (car modification specialists for fast road, track & race) and sandsfoot.com (IT solution consultants) , with additional vehicle transportation support from justrighttowing.co.uk. With further sponsors yet to be confirmed.
The core team members include Stu Hare, Lars Bentzen and Lisa Dotzauer.